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Our Fresh Steam Line Offerings:

Plate Lunches Served Fresh Daily in Hilo, Hawai'i

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Small $6.99
 / Large $7.99

Sm. Chicken / Musubi $5.50

Seafood $5.50

Mini Bento $5.50


Spam $2.25

Tuna $2.25

Hot Dog $2.25

Fish $2.80

Surimi $2.80

Nori $1.25


Tuna $5.99

Egg $5.99

Tuna/Egg Combo $5.99

Ham & Cheese $5.99

Roast Beef $5.99

Pastrami $5.99

Turkey $5.99

Ham / Cheese Wrap $5.99

Turkey Wrap $5.99


Maki (8 pieces) $4.95

Maki (4 Pieces) $2.50

Mustard (8 pieces) $4.95

Mustard (4 Pieces) $2.50

California (8 pieces) $5.50

California (4 Pieces) $2.75

Inari $1.40


Double Loco Moco $8.50

Hamburger $2.50

Cheeseburger $2.85

Gravy Burger $2.85

Miscellaneous / Sides

Bowl $4.75

-1 scoop rice & 1 side order

Loco Moco $4.85

Lunch Side Orders $3.30

Noodles $2.30

Small Hash Pattie / Surimi Pattie $1.95

Large Hash Pattie / Surimi Pattie $1.95

Macaroni Salad $1.50


Macaroni $1.50

Somen $5.99

Chef $5.99

Chinese Chicken $5.99

Tofu $5.99

Fruit Cup $6.25

Lunch Catering Available

We also offer lunch catering options for next office meeting or family party or get together.

Click Here For Catering Menu

Serving the Hilo Community and Surrounding Areas for Over 26 Years!

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